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The History of the Energizer Bunny


We all remember turning on the television and hearing, “He keeps going, and going, and going…” But do any of us truly know the history of Energizer’s most beloved mascot? The Energizer Bunny has been slingin’ AA and AAA batteries since as early as 1988, when he first appeared on American television by mocking a commercial by rival battery supplier, Duracell. 

The original Duracell ad featured a small group of rabbit toys powered by Duracell batteries. The first Energizer Bunny commercial had the now famous pink bunny trampling the smaller Duracell bunnies. As the commercials grew in popularity, the Energizer Bunny began to appear in otherwise realistic advertisements, essentially lasting longer than fictional products such as Sitagin Hemorrhoid Remedy, Nasotine Sinus Relief, and TresCafe Coffee. To date, the AA battery charged rabbit has appeared in more than 115 commercials worldwide. 

However, in the late 1990s the Energizer Bunny ads began to die out. The memory lived on with references in popular culture and even with presidential candidates George H. W. Bush and Howard Dean.The term “Energizer Bunny” even entered US vernacular, relating to anything that goes on for an indefinite amount of time. 

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